Polycarbonate Roofing

Skyworld Glazing Bars

Perhaps the greatest singular advantage Skyworld has in the marketplace is its family of patented aluminium glazing bars, at home in a wide variety of roof glazing projects across Australia.

Designed for thermoplastic glazing materials such as Lexan & Makrolon and used extensively by Skyworld on projects employing both the Lexan solid and multiwall products, the bars are rolled to create the required shape before being glazed with the polycarbonate sheets.

Their versatility has the added advantage of being used in conjunction with other polycarbonate systems, including Danpalon, where the Skyworld glazing bars are in great demand when projects call for a canopy which is curved on plan. Danpalon is a standing seam system with side lips which are used to fix the sheets. To create a curve on plan the sheets need to be splayed, in plan view. This means that the lips have to be removed and replaced with Skyworld glazing bars to accomodate the curve. The glazing bars effectively providing the splay to deliver the desired result for the Danpalon polycarbonate.

With almost 50 different glazing bars in the range, Skyworld offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for a raft of situations stretching from atriums, barrel vaults, domes and covered walkways, to skylights, glazing in sawtooth roofing, partitions, pergolas and verandahs.