Polycarbonate Roofing

Lexan Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting

Lexan Thermoclear Multiwall is perhaps the most versatile polycarbonate glazing system on the market today, providing outstanding flexibility in design and advanced heat reflecting and light transmitting performance. Furthermore, its innovative and advanced construction of internal walls and chambers delivers excellent insulation properties that realise significant savings on air-conditioning and heating. As with Lexan solid polycarbonate sheeting, the multiwall products used in conjunction with Skyworld glazing bars meet all relevant Australian standards, including the sandbag impact test – AS 1562.3. Similarly, when installed over three metres above ground, the sheeting does not require a layer of mesh underneath, as is the case with many other polycarbonate systems. The product is available in a range of wall thicknesses and is ideally suited to shopping centres, sports complexes and greenhouses and, in a domestic environment, pergolas, patios, carports, verandahs, skylights, gazebos and sunrooms. In addition, as both sides of the sheet have a co-extruded UV barrier, the product is perfect for a wide range of recreational applications, where its protection against 99.9% of harmful UV radiation has seen it become a product of choice for structures covering, among others, playgrounds and general play areas, sports courts and swimming pools.

Ideal for warehouse southlights

Another area where Lexan’s polycarbonate products, particularly the 6mm solid and 10mm multiwall offerings , are making a big impression is in the industrial environment, where they are increasingly seen as the preferred solution – in many cases replacing traditional glass – for factory southlights. Skyworld has identified factories and large industrial warehouses, some with more than 2,000m² of glass skylights in need of replacing, as a focus area, especially as more and more of these ageing facilities require extensive refurbishments. The Lexan 6mm solid and 10mm multiwall polycarbonate products, with Skyworld glazing bars at one-metre centres, deliver an open, light and airy feel to the area. And being considerably lighter than glass, they allow for rapid installation and significantly reduce renovation disruptions and, in the process, provide the client with considerable cost savings.

Technical Data – Lexan 10mm Multiwall Polycarbonate