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Skyworld – Shedding New Light on Polycarbonate Roof Glazing


Welcome to Skyworld Pty Ltd.

We’re an established and respected supplier and installer of quality roof glazing and skylight products, with a long and proud history of delivering industry-leading innovations and excellent customer service to the Australian commercial, industrial and domestic markets.

Founded in Adelaide some 30 years ago, the company operates from its well-equipped Findon factory and enjoys an unsurpassed knowledge of polycarbonate products and their capabilities, having worked with some of the world’s leading manufacturers in Sabic, Bayer Material Science, Danpalon and Sunpal.

Sabic’s polycarbonate multiwall called Lexan Thermoclear along with Lexan solid and wall cladding solutions are today Skyworld’s polycarbonate glazing system of choice, especially given their extensive range of transparent and opaque options and their exceptional quality. Click here to find out more about Sabic Polycarbonates.

The Skyworld difference, though, extends beyond pure products and takes in the company’s unique family of aluminium glazing bars, purpose-designed for thermoplastic glazing materials and offering versatility backed by all-round rigidity and strength.

The difference is found, too, in Skyworld’s dedicated team of experienced designers, draftspeople, manufacturers and installers who can justifiably lay claim to a portfolio that includes some of the most ambitious and stylish installations in the country – from spectacular shopping centre entrance canopies, domes and atriums, to skylights and vertical roof lights and on to greenhouses and a plethora of swimming pool and spa enclosures.

The Skyworld Team

Kevin O’Looney

The Skyworld Polycarbonate Roofing team has managing director, Kevin O’Looney, at the helm.

Kevin brings decades of construction industry experience – both in Europe and Australia – to all projects. His exemplary leadership, customer relations and managerial skills ensures that Skyworld continues to provide excellent service to the commercial, industrial and government sectors.




Paul Watherston

Construction manager Paul Watherston completes the picture, bringing his 18 years of experience as a hands-on installer and project manager to the company. Paul’s role encompasses using the latest AutoCad programs to produce working drawings, liaising with builders and installers, conducting job safety analyses and ensuring all projects are completed on time and to the highest quality standards.